$139.900 3 cuotas SIN INTERESES
$111.900 Efectivo/Transferencia bancaria



    Cuadro: full 4130 crmo, tapered SS and CS, with removable brake pivots & guides

    Horca: SALTPLUS “EX” fork, full 4130 crmo , 26mm offset

    Bars: SALTPLUS "HQ" bar 9" full 4130 crmo 

    Grips: WETHEPEOPLE "Remote" flangeless grips, super soft rubber compound

    Stem: SALT “ZION” top loading stem, 50mm 

    Headset: SALT “PRO” int. headset, rulemanes sellados

    Gyro: holes for removable gyro tabs

    Manija de freno: SALT “AM” 

    Frenos: ÉCLAT "Talon" 

    Palancas: SALT “REVO” 3pc , full crmo, 165mm, 8 spline

    BB: SALT “Mid” 19mm, press fit, rulemanes sellados

    Pedales: WETHEPEOPLE “Logic”

    Cadena: SALT “AM” , 510h type

    Plato: SALT “Gateway” 25t aluminio 

    Driver: 9t, 1pc cassette driver, rulemanes sellados

    Maza delantera: SALT “EX” alloy hub, rulemanes sellados, eje de 3/8", 36h

    Maza trasera: SALT “EX” cassette hub, full sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h

    Hubguards: SALTPLUS "PRO" Nylon/Fibreglass front (x2) & rear (x1)

    Llanta delantera: SALT “Valon” 36mm rim, single wall, 36h

    Llanta trasera: SALTPLUS “Summit” 36mm rim, double wal, 36h

    Asiento: ECLAT "BIOS" mid padded Pivotal seat

    Poste: SALT "AM" Pivotal seat post

    Clamp: integrated seat clamp

    Cubiertas: SALTPLUS “Burn” 2.40" front / 2.30" rear

    Peso: 11.79kg / 25.83lbs

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